Members Count: 50+ Reparations: $500



SELF-REPARATIONS is a reparation program that is geared towards funding Blacks and/or African Americans with funds for business ventures, education and debt exoneration. We struggle everyday without the proper help, knowledge and resources to take care of our communities. We are so dependant on the governments aid that we forget that the American dream is not working for someone else, it is having our own land, property, money, etc. The most important factor is that we are doing for self, the black communities.

This program consists of Blacks and/or African Americans participating to contribute $4.00 a month. Everyone will have a chance to win and use it towards:

  • Education
    Similar to a scholarship, the Self-Reparations program can help aid students for schooling.

  • Business Venture
    Do you have a business plan or already have a business? This could be used for business capital or cost related expenses.

  • Debt Exoneration
    Being able to payoff debt is always a weight lifted off your shoulder. Funds can be used to release you from hardship and help build for a brighter future.

THE GOAL is to utilize the funds. The more contributions the more funds the participant receives, simple as that. Reparations will only be distributed with proper I.D. and guidance from program and cooperation of the winner. The funds will be allocated accordingly and responsibly. The information will be obtainable on our website for all participants to view. All the participants will have a chance to win and be awarded by the administration and will be recorded and televised with no edits.

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