Members Count: 50+ Reparations: $500




!!!You must REGISTER and pay the membership fee to be placed on the list for Reparations!!!

Membership fees are what gets you placed on the list to be able to win REPARATIONS. You have up until the beginning of the hour of the broadcast to enter, anything after will place you into the next contest.


Membership can be paid according to your budget:

  • 3 Months - $12.00 (mailing list)

  • 6 Months - $24.00 (mailing list + members get a free wrist band)

  • 9 Months - $36.00 (mailing list + members get a free t-shirt)

  • 1 Year - $48.00 (mailing list + wrist band + t-shirt)


Also, please make sure when making payment with Paypal or Cash App, you put your first and last name in the comment or notes so we can determine who you are. Some people don't use their original name on these accounts and we won't know who paid for their membership fee with $BigDaddy or $Hot4You.

When paying with Paypal please
use this email address:


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